Generating 1.3M pageviews per month & building a paid membership community Case Study

With an effective content strategy, smart SEO investments, and an email campaign to tie it all together, we doubled organic traffic to 1.3MM pageviews in a 14-month period.


number 1

45,000+ front-page rankings

number 2

+ $15k/mo Organic Revenue

number 3

150+ Posts Published/Mo

Our first objective was targeting comparison and purchase-intent keywords.

Growing revenue fast would ensure we had the resources needed to invest in creating incredible content at scale.

Prioritized Revenue Generation

The more we earned, the more we could create.

Created Processes & Templates

Empowering the team to work more efficiently.

Published at Scale

More than 250 articles went live in the first six months.

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Desmo motorcycle profile

Next, we launched an annualized content strategy.

Our strategy targeted two critical pillars within the niche, encouraging growth to compound against each pillar.

Maximizing Evergreen Content

Focusing on topics that provide long-term value.

Encourage Organic Backlinks

Create resources that users will reference again and again.

Along the way, we built and nurtured a
46k+ email list.

Growing our email audience allowed us to diversify traffic, better promote important content, and regularly engage our audience.

Weekly Email Fulfillment

Promoting our top-performing and high-impact content.

Template Ideation & Optimization

Testing and improving the email template over time.

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We paid close attention to revenue, adjusting content to maximize engagement and earnings.

Testing and investing in website layout, UX, and content enhancements allowed us to understand which changes were the most impactful.

Strategy Results
After 14-Months


Organic Traffic Increase


Organic Revenue Increase


Front-Page Rankings Increase

What the Client Thinks

Finding new content to add value is hard, as is understanding the changing digital environment (especially Google). Working with the team at Monochrome, we deployed several key initiatives and used our value-added content to launch a membership program. We 2.5x’d traffic in 2023 vs. 2022, and in 2022 we 2x’d traffic compared to 2021

Nick Dellis

Owner, A07 Online Media

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