Local SEO & PPC Marketing Case Study


By developing an SEO-optimized website and supporting it with an organic content marketing campaign aimed at local customers, we produced over $350,000 per week in sales qualified leads over two quarters.


number 1

Increase revenue by creating more sales-qualified leads

number 2

Improve Google front page rankings

number 3

Establish topical authority within a competitive local market

We began by creating a brand-new, SEO-optimized website.

Delivering a simple, navigable experience that made it as easy as possible for visitors to connect with the services they were looking for.

Direct, Effective Messaging

Speaking directly to user intent while organically integrating keywords of opportunity.

Cleaner & Clearer Service Pages

Encouraging conversions with straightforward content and clear calls to action.

Calgary home with new eavestroughs completed by Big 5 Exteriors
Big 5 Exteriors employee working on roof of Calgary home

Then, we launched an organic, content-based marketing campaign focused on FAQs & blog posts.

Showing our target audience that we understood their needs and sharing the knowledge they needed to move towards solutions naturally positioned Big 5 as the obvious choice.

Reaching Local Customers

Well-researched content based on problems and solutions specific to Calgary homeowners.

Educating vs. Selling

Earning the trust of users by sharing authentic industry expertise and naturally encouraging sales.

We provided support for our content with a focused, single-platform PPC Google Ads campaign.

Putting our message in front of local customers who already wanted what we were offering.

Geotargeting Local Users

Increasing the effectiveness of our marketing spend.

Simple & Consistent

A straightforward ask that improved overall lead quality.

Calgary home with new siding
Calgary home with new roof shingles

Establishing a strong online presence set the stage for sustainable and ongoing success.

Big 5’s platform currently enables them to share their detailed knowledge of home maintenance and improvement best practices with people throughout the Calgary area and beyond, helping them dominate in their niche.

Strategy Results
Year over year


Google Front Page Rankings Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


Increase in sales-qualified leads

What the Client Thinks

Mono takes the marketing off of my plate which lets me focus on sales and customer service, which is important because I’m expert on siding and eaves, not Google and websites.

Derek Perzylo

Owner, Big 5 Exteriors

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