eCommerce CRO in a Restricted Vertical Case Study

U Vape Shop

By creating new content experiences for users in different stages of the buyer’s journey, we optimized conversion rates and achieved a 141% YoY increase in revenue growth.


number 1

Increase online sales not attributed to email marketing or brand affiliation

number 2

Increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores

number 3

Grow the business from a regional presence into a national industry leader

We began by optimizing and expanding existing site content to attract more high-quality traffic.

Focusing on improving UX and product pages improved engagement and navigation, facilitating easier purchases.

Checking & Repairing Links

Facilitating easier navigation and better rankings.

Redeveloping Landing Pages

Improving content hierarchy and incorporating keywords of opportunity.

Optimizing the Product Catalog

Building a higher-quality online shopping experience with complete product and collections pages.

Person blowing out Vape smoke
Person vaping and blowing out smoke

We continued with a “rank & bank” content strategy to deploy on-brand educational resources that were genuinely helpful for visitors.

Creating unique content experiences to speak directly to U Vape’s target audience during each stage of the buying cycle and move closer to conversion.

Focused on User Intent

Product reviews, FAQs, and comparisons that directly address common questions and pain points.

Clear & Strong CTAs

Inspiring users to take specific next steps once our content had engaged them and helped solve their problems.

We also used local SEO to drive additional foot traffic to U Vape’s physical locations.

Encouraging tangible and meaningful connections with in-person customers.

Creating New Location Pages

Including contact information, hours of operation, and social proof.

Optimizing Google Business Profiles

Updating and maintaining major and local listings for each physical location.

Person outside holding a Vape in hand
Vaoe smoke rising in black and white image

Analyzing our campaign performance allowed us to tweak it along the way and set a course for an incredible return on investment.

Carefully updating the website content to stay aligned with new products and industry trends led to stable and consistent business growth.

Strategy Results
year over year


Overall Website Traffic


Increase in Sales


ROI on initial SEO Investment

What the Client Thinks

Selling products online is difficult, but this becomes a larger challenge in a restricted industry. The teams at RS Creativ & Monochrome expertly guided my Shopify store and marketing strategy in the right direction in almost every area of my business. Performance is up in every category, from 80% increase in conversion, 900% increase in sales, and even orders are up 850%.

Chris Fournier

Owner, U Vape

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