SaaS Company Content Marketing & SEO Case Study

By establishing a high-volume, high-quality approach to organic content production, we helped FutureFund achieve a 431% year-over-year increase in organic weekly users.


number 1

Increase organic users via SEO

number 2

Encourage more users to take action by booking product demos

number 3

Improve Google front page rankings

Our approach relied on an organic content strategy that focused on fundraising.

Investing heavily in content at the front end provided FutureFund with lasting equity.

110+ Pieces of Content in Under 4 Months

Unique and educational articles aimed squarely at likely FutureFund users.

Clear & Eye Catching Visuals

Infographics that supported each article and improved UX by making key points more parsable.

Group of individuals connecting at Fundraiser event
Group of students singing at school fundraiser

The next move was to integrate this content into a custom SEO-optimized website.

Prioritizing UX nudged visitors into FutureFund’s marketing funnel easily and encouraged them to book product demos.

Streamlined Site Navigation & Menus

Building a simplified website to clearly detail the platform’s features and benefits.

Responding to Algorithmic Updates

Refining content to stay aligned with every Google update and remain competitive.

Our efforts resulted in the creation of an evergreen content ecosystem that still drives traffic to this day.

Posts deployed over a year ago continue to provide value to FutureFund and inspire new visitors to explore the platform’s advantages.

Compounding Equity

Tweaking and repurposing existing content as needed to maintain its rankings and drive additional traffic.

Adding Backlinks to New Pieces

Continuing to publish brand-new content and acquire backlinks from high-quality domains.

Person donating to fundraiser on iPad
Two individuals smiling while speaking at school fundraising event

FutureFund is proof that a straightforward approach yields predictable results when executed with appropriate skills and knowledge.

FutureFund went from an average of 2 organic weekly users to over 860 within the span of a single year—and continues to grow.

Strategy Results
Year over year


Google Front Page Rankings Increase


Organic Weekly Users


Increase In Average Demos Per Week

What the Client Thinks

Our partnership with Monochrome Marketing has been a tremendous success. Over the past two years, they have helped us revamp our brand, develop a new website, create compelling content, and enhance our SEO. As a result, our content effectively communicates our value proposition to our target audience, which have led to greater brand awareness and customer engagement.

Darian Shimy

Founder, FutureFund

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