eCommerce Website SEO & Content Marketing Case Study

By focusing on website optimization, content marketing, and high-quality backlink acquisition, we grew website traffic by 76% in less than two years.


number 1

Increase website traffic

number 2

Drive sales & revenue

number 3

Promote new business initiatives


Our first step was to improve UX for Little Rock’s website.

Creating a comprehensive strategy to improve page load speeds and other essential UX elements set the blueprint for a user-friendly and conversion-centric website.

Improved Core Web Vitals

Executing scripts and loading resources faster.

Restructured Home Page & Site Navigation

Making it easier for visitors to find what they need.

Redesigned PDPs for a Smoother Buyer Journey

Creating a seamless experience for potential customers.

Little Rock Printing employee working in warehouse
Little Rock Printing employee in warehouse wearing branded clothing

Next, we launched a content strategy focused on education and customer engagement.

Our strategy focused on two essential elements of long-term brand building to create natural authority and guide customers towards purchases.

Value-Driven Educational Content

How-to guides that help users solve problems and become testaments to Little Rock’s expertise.

High-Authority Backlinks

Acquiring 2-7 new referring domains per month to demonstrate relevance and credibility.

More website traffic also boosted conversions from 9% to 15.8%.

Not only did these efforts cause more people to visit and engage with Little Rock—they also created a significant boost in sales. This had two critical outcomes:

Transforming the Business Model

Little Rock was successfully positioned to embrace an eComm model.

Acquiring a National Reach

Selling online expanded Little Rock’s reach to all of Canada so they could keep thriving.

Little Rocking Printing employee handing package to happy customer
Little Rock Printing office with branded signage

We tracked revenue, content performance, and website performance to set sustainable trends for business growth.

Routinely testing and updating website content and design elements set us up to remain on an upward trajectory.

Strategy Results
After 2 years


Organic Website Traffic


Conversion Increase


Front-Page Rankings Increase

What the Client Thinks

The team at Monochrome is superb at what they do, they are easy to work with, and extremely talented at supporting our needs. We have gotten exponential ROI on our investment in SEO. We couldn’t imagine a reality where we didn’t have Monochrome Marketing on our team!

Brian Kroeker

Owner, Little Rock Printing

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